Kawaii + Creative Workshops

Our kawaii + creative workshops are designed to introduce you to the colourful world of kawaii through art exploration {and our (coming soon) all-ages manga illustration classes}.

Each event is catered to cool kawaii quirkiness; filled with networking opportunities, lots of inspiration, colourful people, and positive juju!

Workshops are open to everyone 10 years old and above, under 16 requires parent permission.

Please fill out our brief survey to share which workshops you’re most interested in.


Do The (Sticker) Doodle

1 day, 4 hours $10 | all materials included

A loosely guided group art exercise (yes! it involves doodling). In conversation you’ll learn doodling’s benefits and the successes of doodling … and why you should do it.

Reference | Doodles & Things

Creative & Kawaii Journaling

1 day, 3 hours $25 | journal kit included

Join us for a chill journaling workshop. Learn some creative & kawaii journaling tips and tricks and grow your passion for documenting.

Reference | Kawaii + Creative Journaling

Create A Character

1 day, 3 hours $15 | all materials included

Explore your inner self by creating a manga character or personal mascot, no experience needed! You just imagination <3

Reference | Digital SketchbookPaintings

Brush Pen Coloring

1 day, 3 hours $25 | all materials included

Pick up some fun, creative tips and tricks for colouring with brush pen. 

Reference | Kawaii JournalingIllustrationDoodles & Things

Hand Lettering

1 day, 3 hours $25 | all materials included

Explore drawing letters. Learn basic techniques, font styles, helpful tips, and lots of encouraging inspiration in the process of turning letters into visual art.

Reference | Digital SketchbookKawaiiJournaling

Good Fortune Art

1 day, 3 hours $25 | all materials included

Learn about the culture and history behind the lucky cat, kokeshi, & daruma (Japanese wishing doll) and create your own as you set goals and build your awesomeness!

Reference | PaintingsKawaii in da Hood

Kawaii D.I.Y.

1 day, 3 hours $25 | all materials included

Create your world of cuteness and find your cool or kawaii style with these simple yet creative projects … all while promoting eco-friendliness and self-productivity. 🙂

Reference | D.I.Y.Kawaii in da Hood

Art Roulette

1 day, open studio $15 | bring your own materials

Come challenge your critical thinking to create a harmonious piece of art in whatever medium and style you’d like, with guided help. This is an at your own pace, open studio workshop.

Reference | Work

Manga Lecture & Sample Class

1 day, 3 hours $25 | all materials included

Explanation of what it means to make a manga, using original art and layouts from the catalog works of Osamu Tezuka and slice of life manga, Chibi Maruko-chan. This workshop is hands on and will differ depending on the level and experience of the participants.

Reference | Illustration