Little INKPLAY Shop 


Where Kawaii Creatives Grow

Little INKPLAY Shop is an empowering creative atelier and Kawaii Culture hub.

Inspired by values of the Kawaii and Japanese Culture “LIPS” is a place that seeks to encourage body positive awareness, creativity, and help grow Washington’s DC’s kawaii culture, through art.

People will be able to explore their artistic voice and creativity while getting to know fellow community members, new friends and self-body love.

This clubhouse style touch and feel studio, classroom and culture hub will have open doors, welcoming others to meet-up and explore their artistic voice, creativity, and self-love through art.

Committed to creative community growth and empowerment, the kawaii way, we have a regular schedule of meet-ups – Harajuku Fashion Walks, lifestyle events + culture meets, hosted by our beloved kawaii community, DC KawaiiStyle.

Paint Your Day Bright. 🎨☀️🌈💗💕✨



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Let’s Work Together!

Please feel free to contact us for any questions about upcoming events, workshops, projects, press, or collaborations.

Thank you ♡

Little INKPLAY Shop Atelier is appointment only and located in the Arts District of Hyattsville, MD.

4331 Gallatin Street | #205B

Hyattsville, MD 20781