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Little INKPLAY Shop is an empowering creative atelier and Kawaii Culture hub. Inspired by values of the Kawaii and Japanese Culture “LIPS” is a place that seeks to encourage body positive awareness, creativity, and help grow Washington’s DC’s kawaii culture, through art.

People will be able to explore their artistic voice and creativity while getting to know fellow community members, new friends and self-body love.

This clubhouse style touch and feel studio, classroom and culture hub will have open doors, welcoming others to meet-up and explore their artistic voice, creativity, and self-love through art.

Committed to creative community growth and empowerment, the kawaii way, we have a regular schedule of meet-ups – Harajuku Fashion Walks, lifestyle events + culture meets, hosted by our beloved kawaii community, DC KawaiiStyle.

Paint Your Day Bright. 🎨☀️🌈💗💕✨


“Everyone has the opportunity to make a better life, but not everyone knows how to. For those who happen to know, help those who don’t”

Art is such an important part of the human experience and creativity helps foster a stronger community.

Together, both help affect tremendous positive change, individually and communally.

LIPS aims to be a place where people come to be inspired by cute culture and the arts, alike – to learn about it, create it, and even participate as exhibiting artists.

Our goal is to be a resource for the youth and kawaii communities while widening the scope of creative empowerment for all ages. 




Imani K. Brown is an international tattoo artist and an illustrator
native to Washington, DC.

In her over 10 years of working in the industry Imani has taken time
to become a well-rounded tattoo artist, proficient in a number of styles.

Now she is in charge of her dream creative studio and kawaii culture
hub, devoted to put to good use her achievements by encouraging other
urban youth, like herself, to follow their creative dreams and passions.

Location! Location!

4331 Gallatin Street | #205B
Hyattsville, MD 20781

Please feel free to reach out for any questions about upcoming releases, projects, press, or collaborations.

If you would like more information on tattoo work please visit here or email me at tattoo@littleinkplayshop.com

♡ Thank you for your interest + support of my art, dreams + creative goals ♡

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