Recently in an online conversation about Go Fund Me’s being the new hustle, I mentioned that I in fact had one. I get where everyone was coming from about people wanting to raise money for frivolous things and how people should just get a part time job, etc. However, I noted that an in real life hustle should in fact match that of your online hustle. *thinks to self: I sure hope mine’s adds up*

Someone from our pleasant group conversation was kind enough to go check out my efforts and gave some of the most insightful feedback. *hoorayyyy for honest feedback* 😀 She explained that though some things were confusing to her, she enjoyed the overall presentation and that I have reward tiers (seriously?! I didn’t think so many people were asking for something for nothing, but I guess that’s a thing). *moving on* Her critique shared that she didn’t know what INKPLAY is or what kawaii is. In googling kawaii, she was able to get a quick sense but still wasn’t too sure.

From her convo (at 4am Japan time, mind you), my wheels started turning and I couldn’t sleep. So I decided to revamp my overall share of my mission to build a kawaii community. In hindsight, the way I presented it originally looked scattered, just like the random thoughts that float in my head >.<

So hopefully, this revamp helps people understand my goals a bit more. Feel free to give me a boost & offer some feedback if you’d like. Who likes feedback?! *raises BOTH hands & waves them~* Please feel free to leave feedback & any questions in the comments section. I’ll be happy to consider some things to do better, but I certainly can’t do this alone.

Let’s build a kawaii community together. There’s power in numbers! <3

Looking forward to your feedback!

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The Little INKPLAY Shop


Mission Statement~

To give back to my community and help grow kawaii culture, through art.

About Little INKPLAY Shop Tattoo & Art Gallery~

A super fun and culturally driven private tattoo studio & art gallery. With a two fold purpose of tattooing/ kawaii-art showcase and kawaii empowerment/ community outreach program (#KAWAIIindaHood), this space will be available to create & explore our individual Kawaii-style, together <3


What is INKPLAY?!

… fine (tattoo) art should be the standard, NOT the exception.

INKPLAY is how I describe my tattoos. My tattoos are categorised as such when both the client and myself have had a superb tattoo experience together and the outcome meet even our expectations.

You can search #INKPLAYninja on most search engines and social media platforms to see my work.)

Feel free to visit my portfolio HERE
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What’s #KAWAIIindaHood?!

Spreading the idea of Kawaii empowerment to inner city youth, one program at a time.

#KAWAIIindaHOOD is Terra V. Cooke’s and my community outreach brainchild born from our immense love of Japanese culture, especially kawaii culture, as well as my traveling to Japan for work and full immersion. Not too long after, starting a regular work schedule in Japan, I was overcome with inspiration to give back to my community and help (globally) grow the kawaii community, by reaching out to teach kawaii empowerment: self-love, individuality, and positive encouragement by allowing students to explore their artistic voice/creativity. (You can search #KawaiiEmpowerment to find similar movements and efforts by friends.)

Full site coming soon!
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What is Kawaii?!

Kawaii is Japanese for cute! An entire culture, from dress to daily lifestyle, has been birthed from the idea of individuals creating their looks and life elements as a means of expression from societal norms. (Be on the look out for “The KAWAII Way” Kawaii crash course(s) soon! Updates will be made here & if you’ll be in the DC area, pleasse join us!)


Why Kawaii-style Art

There are many amazing artists in the world and small portion of them fit the niche of being able to capture the emotion invested in “kawaii”. I would like to give these ideas a home for like-minded artists. In turn, it will (hopefully) touch those who view it, beckoning them to explore their own inner kawaii.

Dreams to Reality

dream clip art


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