Kawaii-fy your life, surround yourself with cuteness, and learn to build an self-rewarding/ creative business with practical creativity and d.i.y. that can help boost daily positivity. 

This program promotes up-use, eco-friendliness, self-productivity, and creative entrepreneurship.


Spreading the idea of Kawaii empowerment to inner city youth, one program at a time.


Kawaii in da Hood is an arts and entrepreneurship outreach program connecting inner city youth to creative and sustainable futures through Japanese pop culture, with a heavy influence in kawaii (cute) culture & lifestyle. We are diligently building our programming.

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The Kawaii Way Workshop Series | WHAT IS a KAWAII?! This ongoing program of workshops in fashion, art and lifestyle helps share the ideals and philosophy of kawaii, beyond the surface of “cute”.

Presented by DC KawaiiStyle community members. Coming 2018

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