HI Little INKPLAY Shop friends and family! Guess who’s making a return, the custom sneaker breaker that is ME, Imani! ^.^

A friend of mine, Professor Yuniya Kawamura, was working on her second sneaker culture book and asked that I submit some images of my work.

Feeling a bit nostalgic afterΒ having been a heavy and influential part of the sneaker culture, I’m ready to (re)open my offerings for custom sneaker commissions.

It’s been a while and I can’t help but say that I truly miss it!

ε†™ηœŸ 1-52 copy ε†™ηœŸ 2-62 copy

Artistic Sole, For Da Culture

In 2008, with the help of a few good friends ~

Bobbito, Grap Luva, and DJ Roddy Rod, I celebrated the launch of my sneaker brand,

Artistic Sole as a custom sneaker agency.


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10399657_42968974450_7066_nΒ Β 10399657_42969004450_8119_n

(to Yuniya) paisleydetail

Press + Features

Among many publications, I have been blessed to be featured in such books as

Cey Adams and Bill Adler’s DEFinition: The Art & Design of Hip Hop and

Lori Lobenstein, founder of Female Sneaker Fiend’s Girls Got Kicks.

Β ggk_front_cover_for_websmaller

The Kawaii Style Sneaker Breaker

I especially got nostalgic after preparing a Decora Lolita coord for a local anime convention, Anime USA.

FeelΒ free to check out my complete coordΒ ~

tumblr_mt79mpkBTJ1qbnvtvo1_1280 tumblr_mt6jq5rW011qbnvtvo4_1280


If you’re unfamiliar with what was affectionately named, Artistic Sole

here is a short gallery of my work.

ε†™ηœŸ 2-64 copyΒ IndianPussy5 copyΒ cottoncandy copyΒ 1931298_44176099450_2112_n copyΒ 10399657_42719594450_3733_n copyΒ 10399657_42719629450_5398_n copyΒ 10399657_42719584450_3256_n copyΒ 10399657_42719579450_3037_n copyΒ 10399657_42719569450_2596_nΒ 10399657_42719624450_5162_n copyΒ CrazySole-left copyΒ 10399657_42719619450_4931_n copyΒ 10399657_42719199450_9484_n copyΒ thuglife copyΒ 10399657_42719644450_6042_n copyΒ 10399657_42719564450_2381_n copy

I’m super stoked & enthused! And ready to do my best …

Zutto GANBARIMASU~ (fufufu)

If you’re interested in a custom pair of kicks, feel free to contact me.Β 

And in the grand spirit of my tattoo home, Pinz-n-Needlez, remember that it can definitely be your design or ours!



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