Making Manga

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We offer manga/ anime art and illustration classes are great for all levels.

Students will learn as they go through the manga production process by completing stand-alone manga works. They will experience the necessary elements behind manga production from beginning to end.

※Techniques will include perspective, tracing over photographs, tone and color work, taught only as necessary for the individual student.

Kids Fundamentals

Ages 7-10

🌸Otaku Drawing Class
(3) 1 hour class
From Pikachu to Goku, learn how shapes are used to create some of your favorite manga and anime characters

🌸Kids Manga Workshop
(3) 2 hour classes
Utilize manga format as a means to expand the student’s ability to communicate with images and words to create their own world and characters

Manga Illustration Fundamentals

All Ages

🌸Create A Character Workshop
1 day, 2 hours
Explore your inner self by creating a manga character or personal mascot, no experience needed! You just imagination <3

🌸Brush Pen Coloring Workshop
(1) 2 hour class

Bring in any work and learn how to color and blend your works with brush pen

Draw Kawaii! Fundamentals

All Ages

🌸Kawaii Character Design
(3) 1 hour classes

Learn ways to level up the cuteness of an existing character, or create your own! We will explore the basics of drawing the character, facial expressions, and style/ fashion

🌸Draw Chibi Workshop
(1) 2 hour class

Enjoy drawing simple, super cute, pint-sized characters

Manga Intensives

All Ages

🌸4 Panel Manga Workshop
(3) 2 hour classes

Challenge yourself to complete a 4 panel manga

🌸Create a Full 1-shot Manga
3 months, (2) 1 hour classes per week

Aim to complete a 4-16 page 1 shot manga
*Reccomended* for all ages wanting to buckle down and focus on a full complete work