The Art Basket (Kawaii + Creative First Friday’s Art Party)

[ANNOUNCEMENT: Kawaii + Creative First Friday's Art Party]Β 

Here are the details of DC KawaiiStyle + Little INKPLAY Shop’s Art Basket Holiday DriveΒ <3

The actual β€œart baskets” will be handed out at Little INKPLAY Shop's first Kawaii + CreativeΒ First Friday Art Party.

{references | Kawaii Kokkoii Art Party ・Kawaii Kickback + Art Party・Kawaii kids Jam}

Donations are being accepted from now until​ January 2, 2018Β (3 days before the event date itself)

The primary goal is to provide at risk or under priviledged youth of all ages an equal opportunity to explore their individual creative selves and potential passions, while encouraging learning essential human competencies, critical thinking and creativity.

Little INKPLAY SHOP VMG・Kawaii in Da Hood・DC KawaiiStyle

[DROP OFF Locations]

Donations can be dropped off at ~

➹ Little INKPLAY Shop

(accepting mail here too!)

➹ Asli Pure Boutique

12/17 (Sun)
β€»ONLY if you are attending Moonlodgeβ€»

More info + RSVP through Asli Pure or House of Lukaya

Learn. Get Involved.
+ Be a Part of the ART

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Little INKPLAY Shop Turns ONE! Happy Anniversary

Hi friends and family!

And happy FriYAY!

On June 12, Little INKPLAY Shop turned one (1)!

Gomen nasai that I am days late with this, but life has been happening.

Regardless, I didn’t want the month to go by without saying THANK YOU!

Without you my dreams of owning my own kawaii tattoo creative space & culture hub wouldn’t be possible.

Far beyond tattooing, LIPS’ first year has been insanely inspiring. SoΒ I’ve gathered some highlights of small goals and milestones that you all have helped the studio achieve … in only it’s first year! <3

Stick around and tell me (in the comments section) what you’d like to see more of or look forward. And don’t forget to join our kawaii community – DC KawaiiStyle.



One of my goals in my private space, is to get stronger at my art game.

From sneakers to wood and regularly on skin, I am blessed to be able to create on many fluid canvases. Now to put them all together and #createEVERYDAY!

References | Illustration・Paintings・Installations・DIY

captured by Gertie Gerbre Photography
a bundle of ideas + branding

Brush pens + liners are my love, which I use for all traditional art.

In case you’re interested,Β my toolsΒ are public so that we can learn & create together, one day soon!

ornamental kawaii lucky cat + daruma-chan

Be My Valentine Kawaii Kokeshi OC + creative process

from #INKtober 2016
and more with my kawaii mascot, Ippie-chan ^.^

Ippie-chan stickers coming down the pipeline soon! ^.^

personal branding things for my blog

they’re also kawaii kokeshi (free) adoptables. grab ’em here ~

started making some fun & cool teaching material for future workshops

and who could forget about kawaii journaling

more kawaii branding + logo work

and my first release of hand made stickers now available in the art shop ~

last but not least, meet Zaza & Izzy OC’s for a super sweet book project I’ll illustrate across the pond, in Japan ^.^

🌸Kawaii in da Hood + Other Art Outreach

LIPS isn’t just a studio and creative space, but it is also an EMPOWERING kawaii culture hub.

Through our kawaii community, DC KawaiiStyle and arts outreach program, Kawaii in da Hood we strive daily to uphold the studio’s mission and goals.

References | Learn More・Event Reports

sample class with a regular art student
kawaii + kakkoii art party
drawing practice + custom Pokemon playing cards

DIY girls bows workshop fun

Do the Doodle workshop fundraiser

kawaii photo booth action at Sakura Matsuri

presenting the art of kawaii + creativity at EL Haynes’ Wellness Day
prepped for my Do the (sticker) Doodle session with students πŸ™‚
happy kawaii journal pages!

Creator Con with fellow otaku creatives

well … our first year of outreach was intense!

🌸Studio Friends

Little INKPLAY Shop would not come alive without the love, care and support of our family, friends and customers.

THANK YOU for believing in the mission of Little INKPLAY Shop and cheers to another year of kawaii + creativity builds.

Don’t forget toΒ comment what you’d like to see more of or look forward. And join our kawaii community – DC KawaiiStyle.


ε†™ηœŸ 1-52 copy ε†™ηœŸ 2-62 copy

A friend of mine, Professor Yuniya Kawamura, is working on her second sneaker culture book and has asked that I submit some images of my work. Feeling a bit nostalgic within the past year afterΒ having been a heavy part of the sneaker culture, I want to now open up for custom sneaker commissions. It’s been about 4 years now and I can’t help but say that I truly miss it!

(to Yuniya) paisleydetail

In 2008, with the help of a few good friends, Bobbito, Grap Luva, and DJ Roddy Rod, I celebrated the launch of Artistic Sole as a custom sneaker and art agency. Let’s just say that things got out of control and i wasn’t ready!!! (In a good way haha)


10399657_42969034450_9169_n 10399657_42969029450_8995_n

10399657_42968974450_7066_nΒ Β 10399657_42969004450_8119_n

I had to take a hiatus to concentrate my focus on my growing tattoo clientele. While it’s still growing (I’m VERY thankful! And by the way you can also find info here &Β Book Me whenever you want some fresh tattoo INKPLAY *cheese*), I am truly confident in saying that I have a better handle on how to handle multiple work loads so that I don’t compromise the quality and standards that I expect of myself for ALL of my clients. Among other publications, I have been blessed to be featured in such books as Cey Adams and Bill Adler’s DEFinition: The Art & Design of Hip Hop and Β Lori Lobenstein, founder of Female Sneaker Fiend’s Girls Got Kicks.

definition-the-art-and-design-of-hip-hop-coverΒ ggk_front_cover_for_websmaller

I especially got nostalgic last year preparing a Decora Lolita coord for a local anime convention, Anime USA. Of course, feelΒ free to see my full process for my custom Vans and check out my complete coord.

tumblr_mt79mpkBTJ1qbnvtvo1_1280 tumblr_mt6jq5rW011qbnvtvo4_1280


I’ll be rebranding and rebuilding sooner than soon!


However, if you’re unfamiliar with what was affectionately named, Artistic Sole, here is a short gallery of my work.

ε†™ηœŸ 2-64 copyΒ IndianPussy5 copyΒ cottoncandy copyΒ 1931298_44176099450_2112_n copy

10399657_42719594450_3733_n copyΒ 10399657_42719629450_5398_n copyΒ 10399657_42719584450_3256_n copyΒ 10399657_42719579450_3037_n copy

10399657_42719569450_2596_nΒ 10399657_42719624450_5162_n copyΒ CrazySole-left copyΒ 10399657_42719619450_4931_n copy

10399657_42719199450_9484_n copyΒ thuglife copyΒ 10399657_42719644450_6042_n copyΒ 10399657_42719564450_2381_n copy

I’m super stoked & enthused! And ready to do my best …

Zutto GANBARIMASU~ (fufufu)

All that shared, if you’re interested in a custom pair of kicks, feel free to contact me.Β 

And in the grand spirit of my tattoo home, Pinz-n-Needlez, remember that it can definitely be your design or ours!

~je t’adore!