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This past weekend was filled with otaku goodness to the 10th degree. I’m still jet lagged & recuperating from travel, for the most part, but was super stoked to help out as an officer for Geek Girl Brunch DC and as a friend and artist for Amazing Art Jam II. So much fun … soooooo much tired (huhuhu)

So here’s a part 2 about my weekend adventures. *whispers* there’s more art here~ *tee hee*

I hope you (continue to) enjoy~


presented by Pop Up Arcade DC

The entire weekend was taken over by the Amazing Art Jam II and all of it’s possible goodness. Friend and host of YoyoDC’s internet radio show, Ackshun Jackson, asked that I submit work and possibly live paint alongside my beau and graffiti artist, Crank, for the weekend’s events. Much work, yes, but always fun!

The two-day event was filled with surprises. I was able to attend the opening night and check out my best friend and fashionista extraordinaire, Tola Adesokan‘s (← be sure to give her IG a follow if you like fashion & creepy things :-D) Japanese & street fashion-inspired fashion show.

*my soul oozes with happiness for her!!!!!*

2015-01-17 18.49.26

2015-01-17 18.58.10 2015-01-17 19.40.41 2015-01-17 19.19.03


2015-01-17 19.43.54

Here’s a bit of the artwork I had floating around Blind Whino, including the live painting and collab piece with Crank~

2015-01-15 11.29.12 2015-01-15 11.28.50

2015-01-17 18.47.25

2015-01-17 20.25.52 2015-01-17 20.25.32

2015-01-18 18.22.09
Pieces are available for purchase at $200-$1000. If you’re interested in anything you’ve seen here, please feel free to email me at info@jetadoreipbrand.com
Also, be sure to check the deets for Pop Up Arcade DC & The Amazing Art Jam below~
Pop Up Arcade DC | The Amazing Art Jam

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