“Everyone has the opportunity to make a better life, but not everyone knows how to. For those who happen to know, help those who don’t.”

The Otakute Tattoo community understands the importance of social distancing during this time ~

Your tattoo artistry be harshly affected and experience less than manageable financial hurdles.

So here are some ways that you can help support your tattoo artist during this time of uncertainty ~

💗 Purchase art & merch from their online stores⠀

Many tattoo artists sell merch – on an only store, like LIPS Brand ONLINE, or via DM’s

Check in with your local or preferred artist,

see where they sell their not-a-tattoo wares,

and place an order (or a few!)

⠀💗 Commission art pieces – especially digital art

A lot of artists want to enjoy the opportunity of doing art for art’s sake.

Like their style?

Well, it’s a GREAT time to get that personal piece

you’ve always wanted from the artist you love

Have you peeped our very own tattoo concierge?!

💗 Book a paid online consultations

Some artist are doing consultations

so when they able to open their shops again,

they can hit the ground running.

Find out if your artist is offering a way to plan now, for tattoo later.⠀⠀

💗 Purchase gift cards, if the shop offers them.

This is clutch! Cuz what’s better than

giving the gift of tattoo?!

And if it’s for you …

you don’t have to make any executive decisions right now!

So it’s a win/ win no matter how yah slice it ^.^

💗 Like, comment, share their posts⠀

cuz visibility matters!

You can start with this very post (keep scrolling for links)

And don’t forget to join the OTAKute Tattoo community on DISCORD

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