Are you as mad about Manga + Anime as we are? 


Little INKPLAY Shop’s ongoing Manga drawing workshops teach you how to draw and create characters in the popular Japanese style while learning more about Japanese culture through this fun and creative style of fine art. 

You will be taught construction techniques to strengthen your artwork, learn how to pose characters, coloring tricks, and explore the art of storytelling . Over time, you will be able to develop your skills in the use of pro inking pens, brush pens and manga paper.

All drawing materials are provided by us, but you are encouraged to bring your own sketchbooks to practice, share and grab tips and tricks to improve your art.

Come by and create your own to experience the magic of Japan, right here from DC <3

Light Japanese snacks will be provided, but also feel free to bring snacks to enjoy. Please remember sharing is caring!

*ALL workshop proceeds will go towards building our kawaii + creative community, DC Kawaiistyle

Info for Parents:

Parents are encouraged to accompany their child in workshop. However, if you cannot stay, we understand. Please be sure to escort your child into the studio and return at least 10 minutes before workshop end.

Please, contact us if you have any other questions.

Kawaii Manga Months

Workshop Mechanics

Draw Cute Things, 4/6
Ease into drawing around others and break the ice by hanging out and drawing your favorite kawaii things – bows, eyes, cupcakes, cute animals, chibis ~ Receive hands-on instruction to build ideas around your cute things.

Kawaii Original Character, 5/18*
Learn ways to level up the cuteness of an existing character, or create your own! We will explore the basics of drawing the character, facial expressions, and style/ fashion

Draw Chibi Style, 6/1
Enjoy drawing simple, super cute, pint-sized characters

All workshops are hands on and will differ depending on the level and experience of the participants.

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